The Resistible Rise of Fatlinda Paloka

Ego Actus presented The Resistible Rise of Fatlinda Paloka by Anne Giordano, directed by Joan Kane.

The show opened November 17, 2010 at The Producers Club.


In this production references the accounts of “Aunt Shirley” and Albanians who carry guns in their underwear at weddings. These stories, based on real life events, are facets of an enigmatic culture I felt were too profound and illuminating to exclude. They are elements that come from the original work of Elza Zagreda’s solo comedies Corn Bread & Feta Cheese: Growing up FAT & Albanian and DIVORCE! Albanian Style!


The cast featured Roland Uruci, Julia Baltz, Nick Palladino, Bujan Rugova, Elza Zagreda, Louis Zweibel, Cat Migliaccio, Johnny Shrkeli, Amanda Johnson, Lumi Subasic, Anisa Dëma and Kazue Peck.


The crew included set by Starlet Jacobs, costumes by Cat Fisher, lights by Bruce A! Kraemer, sound by Jason T.Hurley, stage manager Caitlin Lyons and box office manager Sara Gosses.


“Director Joan Kane does a fine job of drawing out the best in her ensemble cast who nicely embody the funny and, at times, profound words by playwright Anne Giordano.” review in City of Kik, by Nick Leshi, December 4, 2010