Ego Actus Mission Statement

The text, "Provocative accessible theatre" is overplayed on top of a scene in a play lit with colorful, dramatic lighting. There is a female actor at the front of the stage with her arms out stretched and other actors are lying around her on the floor.

Ego Actus Mission Statement

Our Ego Actus Mission Statement is simple. “We create provocative, accessible theatre.” Our log line is simple too. “It’s not ‘off-Broadway,’ it’s independent theatre.”

If you want to see Shrek or Cats, go to Broadway. But if you want to see provocative, groundbreaking, accessible, cutting edge, theatre, buy a ticket to one of our shows.

We feel theatrical drama is an important form of cultural communication. We want to change the way people look at the world. Our shows are designed to make you think, and they’re priced so that almost anyone can see them. We want to change the way people look at the world and we hope people walk away from our shows talking about the topics and considering different points of view than their own.

We explore the relationship between art and social change. How does our work fit into that relationship? Art is a communication industry that is focussed on how society sees itself. We want to be an accessible, affordable channel for that communication. By presenting stories that illustrate social issues, we are creating dialogue with our audiences.

Our Inspirations

We have been inspired by many great artists including actor James Earl Jones, producer Ellen Stewart and lighting designer Jules Fisher.

Our Challenge

Our biggest challenge is finding the funding to produce. We spend much of our time soliciting donors.

Connect with Independent Theatre

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