Donate to Ego Actus

To Donate to Ego Actus please use the link below to connect with our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. On their site you can find simple instructions to make a tax-deductible donation to Ego Actus. Due our fiscal sponsorship we do not have to have a board of directors telling us what scripts we have to produce and we do not have to jump through all the paperwork hoops that being a 501(c)3 entails. Doing all that just costs money that does not show up on stage. Your contributions go to supporting a female-led theatre group in New York City, the heart of American theatre. We create groundbreaking, cutting edge, independent theatre that is in no way beholden to the corporate grant giving charities that control much of American theatre. Our only income is from ticket sales and donations from generous individuals like you who want to support authentic art.

Donate to Ego Actus!