Ego Actus presented a production of Hecuba by Euripedes, translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker and directed by Joan Kane.

The show opened August 13, 2009 at Theater for the New City.


Written circa 424 BC. Hecuba takes place after the Trojan War, but before the Greeks have departed Troy. The central figure is Hecuba, wife of King Priam, formerly Queen of the now-fallen city. The play depicts Hecuba’s grief over the death of her daughter Polyxena, and the revenge she takes for the murder of her youngest son Polydorus.


The cast featured, David Riley, Athena Bergen, Kim Chen, Noelle Fair, Ema Lakovic, Ayako Ibaraki, Emma Ramos, Bruce Lemon, Kenneth Scott Thompson, Ignacio Garecia-Bustelo, Max Waszak, Xhenet Capani and Nicholas Velleca.


The crew included set by Mark Marcante, costumes by Sarita Fellows, lights by Bruce A! Kraemer and stage manager Brendan J. O’Brien. The house manager was Francese Maingette, master carpenter Matt Angel with scenic artist Zen Mansley and electrician John Hurley.