Hamlet Bound & Unbound

Ego Actus and White Rabbit Productions presented an Equity Showcase Code production of Hamlet Bound & Unbound by Andrew Rothkin, directed by Joan Kane.

The show opened July 31, 2012 at the June Havoc Theater in the Midtown International Theatre Festival.


Being dumped by your girlfriend and derided by your mother was bad enough for poor Robert. Tonight, he must suffer the worst indignity of them all. He is watching his dream role, Hamlet, the melancholy Dane, played, no, pulverized, by Hollywood’s most inept actor! It is more than the poor thespian can take! So Robert takes matters into his own hands, showing the cast, crew and audience how the role should be done. This irreverent dark comedy winks at every serious, albeit twisted, actor’s deepest fantasy, giving due homage to the Bard’s most enigmatic character and due lampooning of the hollowness of Hollywood.


The cast featured Amada Anderson, Ben Baur, J. Dolan Byrnes, Alexandra Cohen Spiegler, Andrew Lemonier, Cameron Moir, David C. Neal, Eric Percival, John F. Sarno, Adam Shiri, Randi Sobel, Flannery Spring-Robinson and Kelly Zekas.


The crew included set & lights by Bruce A! Kraemer, costumes by Cat Fisher, sound by Ian Wehrle. Fight director Ian Roettger, stage manager David Alejandro Smith, with scene painter Stefanie Fallone, illustrator Scott Williams. Press rep Wright Group NY.


“Director Joan Kane keeps the pace moving along so there are no lulls at all, and has the other players throw zingers from both sides of the stage like the unexpected final kernels of popcorn suddenly popping…really cracking up the audience…The lighting onstage and set design cradled the cast in a spartan, but striking castle.” Reviewed by Christopher Sirota in www.Drama-Queens.net, August 2nd, 2012

“Joan Kane directed this commedia with skill, moving the pace and people with great ease.” Reviewed by Bob Greene in www.OuterStage.com, August 7th, 2012


Awards Outstanding Costume Design, Cat Fisher Outstanding Set Design, Bruce A! Kraemer Outstanding New Script, Andrew Rothkin

Nominations Outstanding Production, White Rabbit & Ego Actus Outstanding Direction, Joan Kane Outstanding Lead Actor, Eric Percival Outstanding Lead Actor, Ben Baur Outstanding Lead Actress, Kelly Zekas Outstanding Lighting Design, Bruce A! Kraemer Outstanding Sound Design, Ian Wehrle Outstanding New Script, Andrew Rothkin


*These actors appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association.