I Know What Boys Want
by Penny Jackson
directed by Joan Kane
Photos: Al Foote III (Except the set photo)

Olivia Scott*
Lue McWilliams*
Alex Esola
Molly Collier
Lori Lusted
Meghan St. Thomas
Joshua Spencer
Phoebe Torres
Kelsey Wang
Charlotte Frøyland
Jesse Shane Bronstein*
Alexander Nifong
*These actors appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

fight choreographer Al Foote III
scenic design by David Goldstein

costume design by Caitlin Cisek
light design by Dennis Parichy

sound design by Andy Evan Cohen
projection design by Jim Marlowe

technology consultant Charles Marlowe
stage manager Tyler Winthrop

assistant stage manager Jennifer Dear
assistant scenic designer Natalie Lape

house manager Rae Rossi
electricians Hiram Quesada, Michael Kalmanowitz and Michael Birnbaum
carpenters Ashanti Ziths, Teddy Mueller and Eric Hedlund
general press representative Susan L. Schulman, Susan@SchulmanPublicity.com

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“The play critiques our vapid iPhone-centric lifestyles, and punches cultural misogyny in the beer gut, and does it all with nuance and heart!”
  - Jenny Lyn Bader, Director of Artistic Development, Theatre 167

“Joan Kane’s direction highlights the cowardly, victim-blaming mentality.”
  - Ed Malin, July 20, 2015, nytheaternow.com

“Mr. Bronstein, in particular, is a standout as the creepy and dangerous Oliver.”
  - Howard Miller, TalkinBroadway.com

“Director Joan Kane keeps the action moving and the quick pace mirrors the speed with which words and images spread between people.”
  - Eleanor Bader, July 19, 2015, Theatre Is Easy

“Charlotte Frøyland is fine as the school pariah”
  - Victor Gluck, July 23, 2015, TheaterScene.net

“Centering the story is Vicky (Olivia Scott in a strong, focused performance)”
  - Jon Sobol, July 23, 2015, BlogCritics.org

“The unbearable villainy of Oliver’s character puts Othello’s Iago to shame, a feat masterfully acted by Mr. Bronstein.”
  - Loreli Mojica, July 23, 2015, Center on the Aisle

“The excellent direction was by Joan Kane. Olivia Scott is lovely as Vicky”
  - Beatrice Williams-Rude, July 27, 2015, Theater Pizzazz!

“Olivia Scott does admirable work here as the center of the scandal”
  - Mateo Moreno, July 29, 2015, Artswire Weekly

“The entire production proves that even in the age of social media the centuries old medium of the theater still has relevance.”
  - Barry Leibmann, July 29, 2015, Hi Drama

“The young cast paint portraits of youthful angst in rebellion and temper these portrayals with heart.”
  - David Clarke, July 31, 2015, BroadwayWorld.com