Stories of Climate Change

We presented Stories of Climate Change, readings of 11 short plays about climate change as part of a worldwide series of readings and performances presented to coincide with, and raise awareness of, the United Nations Madrid Climate Conference (COP25).

Climate Change Theatre Action is a program of the Arctic Cycle theatre company who commissioned the plays. The Arctic Cycle uses theatre to foster dialogue about our global climate crisis, create an empowering vision of the future, and inspire people to take action. Operating on the principle that complex problems must be addressed through collaborative efforts, we work with artists across disciplines and geographic borders, solicit input from researchers in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, and actively seek community and educational partners.

In 2008, the Arctic Cycle established itself as a pioneer, harnessing the power of theatre to address climate change issues. Over the past decade, we have continued to carve a unique place for ourselves within the artistic and scientific communities, creating a much-needed disciplinary bridge, engaging with hundreds of artists and scientists, and inspiring as many audiences from all walks of life. Through our various initiatives, we have created a model for the field and beyond, inspired radical life changes among citizens, and shown that we can address pressing social and environmental issues in novel ways using art as a catalyst.

Our readings will be at the Episcopal Actors Guild, 1 East 29th St, NYC 10016
at 8:00pm on Lucky Friday, December 13, 2019
Tickets will were only $10 on or $12 cash at the door.


From left to right Mary Sheridan, Mari Lyn Henry,
Julie Levine of Climate Change Theatre Action,
Joan Kane, Playwright Chantal Bilodeau, Nick Palladino,
Lucy McMichael, Dev Palladino and Beth Griffith

Please see our program below with the titles of the plays and biographies of the playwrights, actors, director and production company. All of the plays were curated and directed by Joan Kane and produced by Bruce A! Kraemer. All of the plays were rehearsed at the Ego Actus World Headquarters in Chelsea, New York.

Stories of Climate Change Program