A Black and White Cookie POSTPONED

A funny new story about overcoming hate, finding faith and fighting back.

Ego Actus will present an Equity Showcase Code production of A Black and White Cookie
by Gary Morgenstein, directed by Joan Kane
at Theater for the New City, Dates to be determined
When available all tickets will be $20.00 on line or $25 at the door.

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Beigel’s Bakery in Brooklyn has made over 100 million black and white cookies. We are proud to have them sponsor our show. We expect to hand out their black and white cookies after our performances.

This is this back of the postcard for the production that was to open on March 2020.


In a provocative and poignant drama about hope trumping polarization, an exorbitant rent increase forces Harold Wilson, a gruff conservative African American in his late 60s, to close his East Village newsstand after 30 years and reluctantly retire to Florida with his niece Carol. Enter Albie Sands, an eccentric 1960s Jewish radical, who persuades Harold to fight the landlord. Overcoming anti-Semitism, Harold and Albie form an unlikely yet powerful friendship to confront corporate greed and their own mortality.


featuring Jim Fromewick, Roslyn Seale*, Chris Collins-Pisano*, Julie T. Pham*
and Mansoor Najee-ullah*


casting by Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian, set by Mark Marcante, costumes by Janet Mervin, lights by Bruce A! Kraemer, sound by Richard Gross, props by Lytza Colon, stage manager Sabrina Morabito*, social media Laura Varela, press representative Dan DeMello ‭press.ddpr@gmail.com


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Reviews of the January 2021 reading

“Common Sense is a Revolutionary Act shown through humor and interpersonal friendship across the political spectrum via A Black and White Cookie.” Robert Samo, Editor, Fan Boy Nation

“The strength of the writing is evident in Joan Kane’s solid direction and in the inspired work by the cast. The acting is more production quality than reading level and one is left yearning for a stage production to see the play come more fully to life.” Jack Wernick in The Theatre Times

“The play, with its determination to reflect hard truths about fear, disease, and bigotry, is ultimately positive and uplifting and deserves to be seen whenever it is showcased. We give it five Challahs of a possible five.” by Sue Weston and Susan Rosenbluth in The Jewish Voice and Opinion

“A Black and White Cookie is ably directed by Joan Kane as she takes through the rabbit hole with Harold and Albie who are often heard complaining about and to each other!” by Kenn in WormHoleRiders.com

“A Black and White Cookie is what we all need, now. Not only will A Black and White Cookie change how you look at others, it will change how you look at yourself.” by Louie B. Free host of of Brainfood from the Heartland

“This was such a delightful story with plenty of schmaltz that even the minor characters of a reluctant reporter and the greedy landlord were appealing. See A Black and White Cookie. HAPPY FACE.” Eva Heinemann in Hi Drama!

The Program of the postponed production

Rehearsal Photos

Photo Credit: Laura Varela

*These actors and stage manager appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association