Past Shows
Ego Actus presented The God Particle by Christina Gorman at two venues:
The God Particle
May/June 2011
On a winter's night in Switzerland, Gavin and Izzy collide in what appears to be sexual attraction, but they quickly find out something much different, and strangely scientific. Particles fly and not even they know what's in store for them in this quirky one act comedy.
Amanda Johnson as Izzy
Jack Berenholtz as Gavin

Joan Kane, Director
Starlet Jacobs, Set Designer
Cat Fisher, Costume Designer
Bruce A! Kraemer, Lighting Designer
Ian Wehrle, Sound Designer Review of The God Particle
An Evening of One Acts
By Martin Denton · June 8, 2011
The God Particle, by Gorman and directed by Joan Kane…takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, in the wintertime, outside a bar. A young man, Gavin, appears, vomiting up the results of having drunk too many shooters. He's soon joined by Izzy, the young woman he was trying to impress by drinking all that alcohol. They begin a mildly flirtatious conversation, mostly about what they are each doing in Switzerland: he's a graduate student working in a cutting-edge physics laboratory, studying the so-called "god particle," an elusive theoretical construct; she's here on a skiing vacation. Or is she? Gorman introduces some elements of international suspense that differentiate The God Particle from the youthful romantic comedy genre it otherwise resembles. Amanda Johnson and Jack Berenholtz are appealing in the play's two roles.
In June 2011, it played as part an evening of three one act plays in the 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at the Robert Moss Theater, NYC.

The Ego Actus production of The God Particle won the following
2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Awards:
Audition were held at 36th St Studios and rehearals at Chelsea Studios and Shetler Studios.
The set was built at the Village Light Opera Group's Dewar Center.
The play was also performed at the Lower East Side Festival at Theater for the New City, NYC in May 2011:
The production was also nominated in these categories:
Outstanding Overall Production of a Short Play
Outstanding Overall Production of an Entire Evening of One-Acts
Outstanding Playwriting, Short Form, Christina Gorman
Outstanding Actress in a One-Act Production, Amanda Johnson
The Greener Planet Award to Cat Fisher for her eco-friendly Costume Design

Scenes from the 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity production:

Outstanding Scenic Design

Starlet Jacobs