New York Madness
On May 27, 2018 Ego Actus was the guest producing company for
New York Madness with the theme Who Holds the Leash?
at the Kraine Theater on East 4th St NYC
New York Madness Staff
Judith Leora, Chair of the Artistic Team
Tiffany Fisher-Love, Managing Director
Michele Travis, Directing & Development Coordinator
G Warren Stiles, Technical Director
Man Bites Dog
by Michael Hagins
directed by Molly Ballerstein+
with Mackenzie Knapp and Xavier Rodney
He Made The Trains Run On Time
by Richard Vetere
directed by Pete Boisvert+
with Maja Wampuszyc*, Sara Thigpen*+ and Michael Markham*+
All The Beckys
by Julienne Hairston+
directed by Katrin Hilbe+
with Marie Elena O’Brien*, Cary Hite+, Michael Mena and Rachel Halper
Dog Fancy
by Edmond Malin
directed by Cat Parker
with Sergei Burbank*, Joanne Dorian*, Fleece+ and C.L. Weatherstone+
Pop Pop Was A War Hero
by Gina Femia+
directed by Michele Travis+
with Leah Raymond+ and Sara Thigpen*+
Emily’s List
by Bara Swain
directed by Aimee Todoroff+
with Helen Herbert* and Lucy McMichael*
Ancient Grains With Extra Farro And Thyme
by Judith Leora+
directed by Ivette Dumeng
with Alex Carmine, C.L. Weatherstone+, Rachel Weekley+ and Fleece+
by Bruce A! Kraemer
directed by Joan Kane+
with Marie Elena O’Brien*, Leah Raymond+ and Maggie Alexander
Curtain Call
*  member of Actors Equity Association
+ member of New York Madness company