The New York City Icon Plays: Love in an Irish Pub was originally scheduled to perform 12 shows in November 2014.
We had agreed to the times and dates with the venue ownership in June.
Three days before we opened they changed the show times of some
of our performances to un-theatrical times,
making our postcards and announcements wrong.
We put up 8 performances,
but the pub owners also canceled our last four shows
because they felt they could do better business with sports fans.

Here are the plays that we performed during the run:

The Barmaid parts 1 and 2 by Allan Knee
directed by Katrin Hilbe with Marguerite Forrest* and Erik A. Schjerven

Yearn by Bruce A! Kraemer
directed by Cat Parker with Mary Monohan and Azizi Bell

Assumptions by Annette Storckman
directed by Kacey Stamats with Azizi Bell and Skyler Volpe

Weird Around the Baby by Judith Leora
directed by Janet Bentley with Adam Sullivan*, Lori Kee* and Tommy Buck*

Polly Amorous by Ron Burch
directed by Joan Kane with Kendra Lou, Drew O'Kane and Ian Campbell Dunn

Mrs. Jansen Isn't Here Now by Steven Korbar
directed by Luke Tudball with Heather Bagnall and John Sabatos

Overdue by Penny Jackson
directed by Brian Gillespie with Kevin Woods &  Elizabeth A. Bell*

*These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actorsí Equity Association

Scenes from the shows
The New York City Icon Plays: Love in an Irish Pub
November, 2014