The Metamorphosis
written and performed by J.B. Alexander
directed by Joan Kane
Member of the Society of Directors and Choreographers
Ego Actus presented a new play
The Metamorphosis
written and performed by J.B. Alexander
directed by Joan Kane
in the 2014 Prague Fringe Festival
at the Kavárna 3+1, Plaská 10, Malá Strana, Praha
The show played May 23 to
May 27, nine performances

J.B. Alexander

Photo Credit
Taylor Hooper
J.B. Alexander (Writer / Performer) has been in love with Kafka for virtually all his adult life.  A Brooklyn-based actor and playwright, J.B. specializes in the stage classics, and is working to break into film and television.  J.B. holds degrees from Yale and the University of Michigan, and is a student at HB Studio.

Prague Fringe Festival is a nine-day performance festival showcasing the work of hundreds of artists from all over the globe.  Each year over 200 performances of around 40 different shows are on offer to over 6000 attendees.
In a one man monologue J.B. Alexander shares his meditation on loneliness, failure, success and identity. A 38 year old, lonely, Jewish, writer, who has spent fourteen years trying to complete his novel, lives in the basement of his parent’s house in a suburb on Long Island. After a night of bad dreams, he wakes to discover that he has been transformed into Franz Kafka.

The Metamorphosis was originally presented in the 2012 United Solo Festival on Theatre Row and published by indie theatre now.

After a triumphant run in the 2014 Prague Fringe Festival The Metamorphosis moved to the Budapest Secret Theatre at Brody Studios in Budapest, Romania.

“Packed with beautiful prose, humor, and deep sadness rooted in personal self-awareness”
  - 2012 review in

“Without reading the full blurb on this production, I had assumed this would be an adaptation of the Kafka story. I was prepared to be creeped out. However, J.B. Alexander has taken the premise of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and created a different story whereby the hero metamorphoses not into a large insect, but into Kafka himself. The hero has been unsuccessfully attempting to write his first novel while working a dead-end job and living in his parents’ basement when one day he awakens to find himself inhabited by the genius of Franz Kafka. His writing immediately becomes brilliant and he achieves everything he has always wanted. But he soon recognizes that it is Kafka, not he, who is the genius and his success means nothing. He consults academics and rabbis with frustratingly divergent and unhelpful suggestions. The discussions he has are rich and thought provoking but also often very funny.

J.B. Alexander is excellent as a transformed yet conflicted everyman. He is wry, intelligent, sincere and engaging and the script is sharp and focused. The audience is able to accept the hero’s rather irrational predicament without any difficulty. The inherent tragedy of the story is balanced by an intelligent humor. I enjoyed The Metamorphosis very much and recommend that you add it to your schedule.”
- Michael Calcott in Fringey Bits, regarding the 2014 Prague Fringe Festival production

"The work is much more intelligent (and funny) than I expected it to be."
"It’s such a potent summation of so many contemporary people’s self-assessment it even reduced a girl in the audience to tears."
- Lucien Zell May 31, 2014