The Living Newspaper Women’s Edition
In September 2018
Ego Actus and Words of Choice presented
The Living Newspaper Women’s* Edition
in the Rising Sun performance company Laboratorium
at building 6A Nolan Lane, Governors Island

director Joan Kane

Brigitte Barnette
Jessica Carmona
Cindy Cooper
Cassandra Medley

The Living Newspaper Women’s Edition brings to life news articles pertaining to intersectional topics related to women published in newspapers, magazines and online outlets. Joan Kane of Ego Actus and Cindy Cooper of Words of Choice brought together theatre artists, writers, actors and director, to explore the stories in and behind the news pieces through a process of improvisation and devised theater. Drawing upon the pioneering Living Newspaper of the Federal Theatre Project of the 1930s, this work reflects the 21st century reality of information overload to find nuggets of truth or humor or power in topics related to reproductive rights, human rights, health, gender parity and so much more.

"Provocative topics are emerging," says Kane, "on domestic violence, life after Roe, the male contraceptive pill, immigration and families, and more." This is the first stage of a project in development for further production.

Words of Choice is a dynamic social justice theatre, dedicated to reproductive freedom and human rights. From New York, Words of Choice has traveled to 20 states, live streamed across the country, created a Reproductive Freedom Festival and a Reproductive Justice Walking Tour, developed a DVD, and more. A nonprofit, Words of Choice does creativity workshops, including for women in the communtiy, and maintains a blog, Up the Creativity. Honored by NARAL ProChoice America, the Quixote Foundation, Abortion Conversation Project, and others, and kindly supported by the Puffin Foundation, Anne Hale and Arthur Johnson Trust, and many individual donors. @ChoiceTheatre

Rising Sun Performance Company is an award-winning ensemble theatre company dedicated to fostering a nurturing and safe artistic home while creating innovative, authentic theatrical experiences in NYC and beyond. Rising Sun's Laboratorium & Presented Projects are made possible in part by the generous support of Fractured Atlas, The Trust for Governors Island, Material for the Arts, NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Costco, Horse TRADE Theater Group/FRIGID New York & individual donors,

*women or those who identify as women
Debra Khan-Bey
Katie Mack
Mary Monahan
Patty Talley
Lia Tamborra
Joan Valentina