by Maximillian Singh Gill
A young Pakistani-American activist is been recruited to infiltrate a militant group in the Middle East. When she disappears her recruiter has to determine whether she has changed sides or been betrayed. He finds out the truth is more complicated.
Page Clements
White Rabbit Productions and Ego Actus present
by Maximillian Singh Gill
directed by Joan Kane

in the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival
at Teatro SEA, 107 Suffolk St, NYC

featuring Adeel Ahmed, Page Clements*,
                 Andrew Rothkin* and Nazli Sarpkaya
set by Lytza Colon
lights by Bruce A! Kraemer
costumes by Cat Fisher
sound by Jacob Subotnick
stage manager Janelle Zapata
house manager Ashley Rudakewiz
casting monitor Nick Palladino

For Information & Tickets visit:
Performances in August
Saturday, 13 at 2:15
Monday, 15 at 5:00
Friday, 19 at 7:30
Monday, 22 at 9:45
Wednesday, 24 at 4:45

Press Rep Jay Michaels (646) 338-5472

*These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity
Nazli Sarpkaya
Andrew Rothkin
Adeel Ahmed
"Kane’s direction provided fine staging, but was particularly strong in creating powerful relationships between the characters. The level of identifiability and commiseratory feelings obviously came from an adept hand."
       - Review in OuterStage by Natasha Dawsen, September 6, 2016
Here is an interview with Director Joan Kane. The author writes in the intro: "Joan Kane is a superhero who uses her powers for good. She is a prominent international stage director celebrated for tackling power issues in well-written works. Her most recent is a powerful drama called DEBRIEFING, garnering great praise at this year’s Fringe Festival."