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Aliens with Extraordinary Skills
November, 2011
"Director Joan Kane realizes the work
with heart and simplicity…
using evocative lighting by Bruce A! Kraemer"

- Martin Denton in the November, 2011 review


Viet Vo

Debby Brand

Gabrielle Young

Richard Zekaria

Abby Rockwell Savage

Doug Rossi
Author Saviana Stansecu

Director Joan Kane
Set Designer Starlet Jacobs

Costume Designer Erica E. Evans
Lighting Designer Bruce A! Kraemer

Sound Designer Ian Wehrle
Stage Manager Jennifer Ainsworth

Press Rep Michael Martinez
Assistant Set Designer Jara Belmonte

Assistant Lighting Designer Melissa Joakim
Balloon Consultant Cat Migliaccio

Pole Dance Consultant Carolyn Chiu
Audition Readers Emma Myers & Jenny Vallencourt

Box Office Staff Jenny Fersch & Gus Ferrari
Auditions & Rehearsals location was Shetler Studios

Scene Shop - Village Light Opera Groups' Dewar Center
Postcard printed by 36th St Studios

Program by United Stages
Ticketing by SmartTix

Production Meeting Facility - Chelsea Square Restaurant
Materials Contributions by Materials for the Arts
"I love this play because it presents the goals of some of the most marginal members of our post 9-11 society, the pursuit of happiness by illegal aliens. Many social and economic problems that we face today are being blamed on illegal immigrants in the United States. Who are these people? Where do they come from? In this newly expanded version of Aliens with Extraordinary Skills we feel the pain of a young woman who is exploited and abused by some of the elite of society with no protection from police because she lives in fear of deportation. Will she persevere and be defeated, or find the inner resources to triumph over adversity? It is a story about clowns and cab drivers, dancers and bureaucrats, and love and laughter."
- Joan Kane, Director
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Some of the cast was interviewed by Cognac Wellerlane on the Cognac's Corner webshow. Watch the video here.

Scenes from Aliens with Extraordinary Skills
    Photos by Charlie Winter

Aliens with Extraordinary Skills
was presented at Theater 54